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These Ultra buoyant, super subtle washed out pink 13/14mm high attract pop ups are formulated to initiate a feeding response in any water condition throughout all the seasons, but specifically the cold months where every slight % is required to activate the carp into a feeding scenario where from it can be catchable.

Since the launch of the SS1 pop ups 12 months ago we have been playing around with a range of ester based pineapple and fruit combinations, which we are now more than happy to share with our customers.

Using the same Milk protein SS pop up base (but with further enhanced buoyancy) we have the highest grade Pineapple Ester married to one of the most effective Nature Identical Blackcurrants that we have ever seen.. Finished off with a touch of N butyric acid, DPMT, vanillin, a few other secret ingredients and lovely soft creamy sweetener blended with a cream/fruit palatant these super potent fruit carp sweets are rounded off nicely with a lovely dairy backnote.

The SS2’s are hook baits that ooze depth and longevity which lends itself to be used on any substrate including decaying / sour lake beds that we so often find ourselves fishing over during the colder months.
When you crack the lid and take a whiff you will not be able to put your finger on one note but the combination of heady fruit esters which you just know the carp will not be able to resist

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