Dan Kilgour

Dan Kilgour


Dan Kilgour - Pure Bait Concepts 


Tommy first came onto my radar about 6 years ago when we first started chatting on Instagram. We quickly found we had a very like-minded (obsessive) attitude to our bait preparation. 

I knew from the off that he really knew what he was talking about when it came to bait science and application. 

I’ve since started my own bait business,  Big Dog Particles  because I really didn’t think anyone was doing stuff to the level I was, using fermentation and old school methods prepping Tigers. I like to think Tommy was inspired to do the same with his boilies, as that is where his knowledge lies. 

As soon as he started selling commercially I came on board. I had total confidence in the baits he was sending me and the opportunity to be involved with the development of new products that really push the boundaries is a project that I’m very excited about.