About Us


Purebait Concepts is not just another new bait company on the scene. We are a collective of relatively low key but very experienced and passionate like-minded carp anglers that have developed a bait range to meet all our needs in the quest for big carp. We won’t be spending money on huge advertising campaigns or paying lots of names to push our bait, we trust our customer’s judgement and let the results do the talking!

Our range has been developed and meticulously thought out from a carp anglers perspective, not to just fall in line with market trends or meet a profit margin. The baits are formulated to simply catch carp in any given situation. We have taken into consideration all the aspects and factors that make us scratch our heads with regards to bait and carp feeding scenarios. Scenarios we have found ourselves in over 25 years of carp angling and which has helped us perfect just three baits which we feel covers every angle needed to approach those situations.

Every single ingredient used fulfils a purpose and every single product in the range has a job to do; now it’s ours and your job to put them in front of the carp and turn that dream into a reality.